29-11-2016 Authenticus 2016 [v. 1.0]

Users Changelog:

  • New groups model.  Users can be assigned to various groups such as: Researcher, Institution or Custom Group. 
  • User can request ‘Institution Association’ meaning request to be an editor or administrator of institution. The assignment to the group is verified by Authenticus administrator or other administrator of an institution. 
  • User can create ‘Custom Group’. Custom Group is a virtual institution, to which researchers may be assigned and for which statistics and reports can be derived. An example of a custom group could be the team of a project: e.g. "Hyrax project", which aggregates the researchers collaborating in the project Hyrax. 

Researchers Changelog:

  • User with Researcher assigned can edit: basic data, emails, degree and identifiers. 
  • Researcher can have an Editor - other Authenticus user automatically associated based on institution affiliation.  
  • Modified view of Researcher affiliation with division for affiliation source. 

Institutions Changelog: 

  • New model for Institutions. Institution is real entity, which has organizational structure and associated partners, and groups researchers. Based on associated researchers it is created publication list, statistics and reports. 


Other features Changelog:

  • Notifications - users is updated about changes and important events related with its User, Researcher or associated Institution. 
  • FAQ - System of frequently asked question is now updated. 
  • Embedded View - 
  • API - Authenticus API has been released. API Documentation:  
  • Layout -  Authenticus Layout has changed. 


01-06-2015 Authenticus 2015 release [v. 4.0]

  • Update of the main publication model responsible for data importing, data merging, duplicates detection and periodical updates of publication data.
  • Publication export improvements.
  • Improved many interface features, namely search, add new publications, and new identifiers for researchers, publications and institutions.
  • New funcionalities, such as: 
    • edit of Researcher data;
    • edit of Instituiton basic data.
  • Fixes for some bugs and system errors. 
  • Improved overall interface performance.