TITLE: Adenomyofibroma of the endometrium with skeletal muscle differentiation
AUTHORS: Prasanna Sinkre; David Scott Miller ; Sara Milchgrub; Arif Hameed;
PUBLISHED: 2000, SOURCE: International Journal of Gynecological Pathology, VOLUME: 19, ISSUE: 3
INDEXED IN: Scopus CrossRef: 10
TITLE: Uterine metastasis from a heterologous metaplastic breast carcinoma simulating a primary uterine malignancy  Full Text
AUTHORS: Prasanna Sinkre; Sara Milchgrub; David Scott Miller ; Jorge Albores Saavedra; Arif Hameed;
PUBLISHED: 2000, SOURCE: Gynecologic Oncology, VOLUME: 77, ISSUE: 1
INDEXED IN: Scopus CrossRef: 5