The Social Pattern of Sarcopenia in Portugal

Pita Barros, PP
Neto, D
Crespo, CL
Sepriano, A
Mourao, AF
Pereira, CS
Lodeiro, C
Quaresma, C
Ferreira dos Santos, GF
Botelho, MA
Macedo, MP
Fonseca, M
Gouveia, N
Videira, P
Simoes Coelho, PS
Soares Branco, PS
Vassilenko, V
Branco, JC
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Wco-Iof-Esceo World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases in: Osteoporosis International, APR 19-22, 2018, Sponsors WCO, Int Osteoporosis Fdn, European Soc Clin & Econ Aspects Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis & Musculoskeletal Dis, Sinklar Conf Management B V, Mylan, Lilly, UCB, Medimaps, OsteoSys, Echolight, Abiogen Pharma, Bioventus, Pierre Fabre, Amgen, IBSA, Medi, Kyowa Kirin, Wisepress Com, EffRx, Alexion, Hologic, GE, Galgo Med, Bindex, AgNovos, Theramex, Fidia Pharma Grp, Biomedica, Radius, Roche, Sequola
Volume 29, Pages S496-S497 (2)
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Wos: WOS:000440102404097
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ISSN: 0937-941X
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1 Pita Barros, PP;   2 Pimentel Santos, FM;   3 Neto, D;
4 Crespo, CL;   5 Sepriano, A;   6 Mourao, AF;
7 Pereira, CS;   8 Lodeiro, C;   9 Quaresma, C;
10 Ferreira dos Santos, GF;   11 Nunes, I;   12 Capelo, JL;
13 Santos, JP;   14 Domingues, L;   15 Lapao, LV;
16 Botelho, MA;   17 Gomes, MI ;   18 Macedo, MP;
19 Fonseca, M;   20 Gouveia, N;   21 Videira, P;
22 Simoes Coelho, PS;   23 Soares Branco, PS;   24 Vassilenko, V;
25 Branco, JC;