In "My Data", follow the "Add New" link and this leads you to a form in which you can add publications of yours that are missing in Authenticus database. For missing ISI publications, you can provide the publication "Accession Number" (WOS) or DOI, and the corresponding publication will be retrieved. Similarly for Scopus, ORCID and DBLP. For now we are only allowing users to add indexed publications.

This can happen for two reasons, either the algorithm didn't succeed in identifying some of your publications, or some publications have not yet been uploaded into Authentics. Please add them in the interface through the "Add New" link.

In principle yes. If your institution has the rights to access the data, and if it already has its information system ready to access Authenticus data, then it will be an automatic process in which all publications that you confirm as yours will be transferred.

One example in which this is already a reality is with University of Porto and its information system, SIGARRA. All Authenticus confirmed publications will be transferred to SIGARRA on a daily basis. 

Yes, we offer that possibility, but please use this facility very sparingly as there is a cost associated with it. Authenticus will update citations for all publications in the database at least twice a year.

The association of publications to institutions is in itself a problem as difficult as for author name disambiguation. We associate a publication to an institution if an author has been identified with a researcher that is know to belong to that institution or if the algorithm succeeds in associating the publication to the institution from the publication address. We only consider a person associated  with an institution if that is confirmed through the institution itself, FCT or REBIDES. Through REBIDES we only consider if the person has a full time contract or an exclusivity contract with the institution. There can be more publications then the real value, if the publications were not yet confirmed and there could be some wrong assignments, but these should be in low numbers. There can be publications missing if the number of confirmations by researchers is still low.