There are two types of association that a user can have with the institution in order to manage it.

Institution Editor – it is the default association type. An editor inherits permissions in a top-down manner, meaning, that the editor can edit data of an institution and of every sub-institution in its lower structure tree. 
Institution Administrators – is the most important type of association. An administrator has the same permissions as an editor, but additionally has access to extra functionalities such as: can edit the institution structure, nominate editors for an institution and for every sub-institution in its lower structure tree, and can request an API Token to access Authenticus API

A user can request to become an institution administrator or editor using an interface available at user profile. After authentication in Authenticus, user should go to: Groups → Institution Admin/Editor → Request to be Admin/Editor of an Institution.
The request is sent to Authenticus Managers that decide whether or not the permissions for this institution should be granted. Authenticus Managers verify the request, eventually by enquiring directly the institutions whether the user is credible to manage the institution profile.
In case the institution has associated an institutional administrator, then he/she can delegate a new editor for an institution and of every sub-institution in its lower structure tree. 

Currently, importing publications from CIÊNCIAVITAE works similarly to the existing import of publications from ORCID. Authenticus uses the CIÊNCIAVITAE API and retrieves the "public outputs" (publications) registered in the profile identified with CIÊNCIA ID of a researcher. The system analyses the data with a content type: **P1** (PT: Publicações / EN: Publications) and stores the metadata in the database.

The records with a valid publication identifier, namely DOI, WOS ID, Scopus ID or ISBN, are processed and in case a publication with such identifiers is not yet present in the Authenticus system, the original metadata is imported and inserted into Authenticus and associated with the researcher. Publications (outputs) with privacy levels not **public** are not imported by the API.

Publications inserted at CIÊNCIAVITAE manually by the user, without one of the identifiers listed above, are not imported into the Authenticus.

The import of the metadata from CIÊNCIAVITAE can be done a the researcher profile -> Syncronizations -> CIÊNCIAVITAE Syncronization.